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How to Choose the Best Plaques

Plaques are timeless awards that are usually given for appreciation, recognition, or any other citation. Earlier, these award plates were presented in the form of framed objects in metal, or wood, and sometimes even combination of both using Plak IT Toronto technology. However, today there is a wide range of materials used for making them, such as granite, wood laminate, steel copper, glass and brass. 

The glass plaques have gained widespread popularity in the past few years mainly because they can be made in any shape and size you want. You can even commission a glass artist to do an exclusive design for you. Many award shops use standard designs using Plak IT Toronto techniques. Sandblasting and engraving is done for making glass plaques. You can get them with removable or fixed stands in wood or glass, which can help you in displaying them on table. In fact, many people use glass plaques on their main doors where they display their information. 

Timber plaques are preferred by all those who love classic or rustic looks. The natural grain of wood looks distinctive and beautiful. Their toughness and elegance makes them best for lifetime citations, and awards in academe. Sometimes it is difficult to find the desired wood for plaques, or they come at very expensive rates. In these cases, it is better to use wood laminates as most of them are inexpensive and are made using recycled wood fibers and are coated with colors of your choice. Sometimes they are polished to mimic the looks of real wood. 

You can also choose from bronze, stainless steel and granite award plates made using Plak IT Toronto technology. Metal plates are long lasting and you can get the in elegant bronze or even copper. Even granite looks great and is available in wall mounted or standing designs. However, you won't get them in pure granite as they are combined with hardwood or metal. As with glass, metal, and granite plaques are also engraved which adds considerably to their beauty. 

You can easily find various other types of plaques, especially if you do some research online. There are metal and acrylic combined with glass, or bass combined with wood. Many online sellers offer high quality items, so you may have chance to get plaques in some unique materials customized according to your needs.

Is Plak It Toronto technology? I thought it originated in California. Either way, it delivers beautiful results.
Posted by: Jim | January 24, 2013, 3:57 pm
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