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Laminating Toronto

Laminating involves applying a film of plastic on documents and other items in order to preserve them. Lamination can increase durability and the life of products. You can get specialized laminating Toronto services for printing and laminating.

When a plastic film coating is added to an item, it becomes waterproof and tear-proof because the laminating film encloses the item completely from all the sides. Laminations protect the documents, pictures and other items from fingerprints, smudges and various damages. The lamination is also done to enhance the color, contrast and appearance of the items. It increases the life of items like menus, identity cards, instruction sheets, etc., that are handled frequently. It helps keep the items in a good shape for several years as it preserves them.

A film is the most important thing for lamination. The film is available in different varieties such as clear,erase and delustered. The delustered film comes with a matte finish that does not have glare and is most suitable for reading material. The clear film is most commonly used as it has a sheen that helps enhance the colors.

You can protect items up to 105 mm (42") in width in different thicknesses that include 1.7, 3, 5, and 10 mm. The 1.7 and 3 mm thickness is commonly used. You can use glossy, matte, or dry erase finish. You can use dry-erase lamination to write and rewrite on the same piece. There are different substrates available for mounting most of these items. You can use foam core, sintra, coroplast, gatorboard, and card stock for mountings.

The laminating Toronto services can be used for laminating a range of items such as name cards, menus, posters, banners, catalogues, price lists, instruction sheets, pictures for your personal, wholesale as well corporate requirements. You can get top quality laminations done in time from these services. The laminating Toronto service providers have full line of laminating equipment to cater to your customized needs.

When you need laminating Toronto service for any of your lamination requirements, you can fill an online form on websites of most of these companies and get the most competitive price quote for the best quality and laminating services.

Am I right in thinking then that I can't get laminating Toronto wider than 105 mm? In Europe, they did 120 no problem
Posted by: Stephanie | March 6, 2013, 4:01 pm
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